What do I get for being first to Skil?

  • Inaugural offer available to only the first 500 registrants who want to sign up as Mentors.

  • These 500 registrants will belong to Level 1 and also will earn special percentage for each Skil call they take.

  • Each Level 1 registrant will be able to refer up to three (3) registrants namely Level 2 registrants.

  • Level 1 registrants will receive 10% from Skil of all the Skil calls taken by his Level 2 referrals. 

  • Level 2 registrants can in turn refer up to 3 registrants – Level 3 referrals 

  • Level 2 registrants get 7% from Skil of all the Skil Calls taken by Level 3 referrals; Level 1 in the same chain receive 3% from Skil of all the Skil calls taken by their associated Level 3 referrals.

  • Since we are not into chain marketing business, Please note that this tree is limited to only 3 tiers with Level 1 & Level 2 registrants being the beneficiaries of the model.