Frequently asked questions

What is Skil?

Skil is an on-demand service that helps job seekers schedule mentoring sessions with real world professionals.

What types of mentoring sessions does Skil offer?

Just about anything that prospective job seekers typically look for. Mock interviews, interview preparation, industry know-how, work culture and operational insights etc.

How can a candidate request a session?

Two ways to do it, using our app: - Open the application, from the Menu on left side, click on Request Meeting and provide necessary details. - As soon as you open the App, directly search the skills you are looking for. You are then prompted for the name of the company followed by the job title that you are looking for. you can just enter the skills you are looking for and it prompts to enter the company name and title that you are looking for. Once the details are provided, it will map to the appropriate Mentor.

What is the session duration?

Standard session duration is 30 minutes.

What needs to be done before the session?

Make sure your background and mentoring requirements are communicated. This will enable the mentor to better address your needs.

What is needed for the session?

Any smartphone with Skil installed on it, preferably in a quite place along with a laptop or scribble pad to jot down important points.

What happens after the session?

Detailed feedback about the session and the mentor is strongly recommended while not mandatory. This would enable us to fine tune our systems and better serve your future needs.

What if a candidate wants to change an already scheduled session?

You can always cancel the scheduled meeting and schedule a new session. However, candidates cannot modify the timing of a meeting once scheduled.

Will candidates forgo their payment if they cancel the session?

Cancellations done 30 minutes prior to the scheduled call do not incur in any penalties. Last minute cancellations or no-shows would result in forfeiture of the payment.

What if candidate’s meeting is canceled by Mentor?

Payment will be fully refunded if a mentor cancels the meeting due to any unforeseen reasons. You can still instantly schedule a session with another mentor or work with the same mentor to reschedule the session.

What if the session does not meet your expectations?

In case of any issues with a specific mentor/session, please feel free to reach out to us at Our support team will do the best to resolve the situation and will walk you through the next steps.

What if no mentor accepts candidate’s request?

If there is no mentor who is available during the selected time frame, candidates are notified via a timeout message. Candidates should select a different time or try a different mentor.

Who can become a mentor?

Any experienced professional can join Skil as a mentor through a simple registration process outlined on our website.

Do mentors need to have any specific academic qualifications?

There are no minimum academic requirements in order to register as a mentor. Good communication skills and solid industry experience are obviously expected. Our mentor registration process would entail background verification and reference check.

How many calls can a mentor can schedule each day?

There is no restriction on the number of sessions that a mentor can schedule.

Is feedback mandatory?

Basic feedback/rating is mandatory while we strongly encourage elaborate feedback both from mentors and candidates. Constructive feedback from candidates is likely to help mentors to maintain "blue chip" status. Also, detailed feedback by mentors could possibly swing potential recruiters in the candidates favor.

How do I contact support?

You can send an email to or click on the left side of the menu.