Frequently asked questions

What is Skil?

On-Demand Uber like service, helps users to connect with real professionals and prepare for the job interview and improve thier core skills in thier career. Please watch our quick demo of the application.

How can I register as Mentor?

Every mentor needs to register themself using our Mobile App avalible in Appstore.

Is there a process involved in onboarding the mentors?

Yes! Mentors need to submit the mandatory information / details before they can be on boarded on the application including their LinkedIn profile. Our internal team reviews all the details thoroughly and onboard the mentors on the platform.

How can I contact the Skil support?

Skil mobile app has a "Contact Support" option on the Left Menu. Any one can start a conversation right from the Mobile application.

What's the contact email for Skil team?

Feel free to reach out Skil team using the following email:

When do you pay out your Mentors?

As per our clear instructions to mentors, Mentors need to finish the call and provide a detailed feedback. Feedback will be reviewed by the system. Once the feedback is approved by the system, app will payout to the service providers.