How can Skil help ITServe Members?

At the outset, Skil is an on-demand mobile platform that allows users to instantly connect and schedule one-on-one training/advisory/guidance sessions with seasoned professionals. Each session is tailor-made as per the candidate's requirements and can be anything from a rigorous mock interview to a detailed candidate evaluation session.


While we have successfully made inroads in the traditional B2C space, we intend to make big push into B2B space by offering our platform as next-gen alternative to the traditional recruiting methods. Using our platform, companies can steer away from the hassles of pre-screening candidates by offloading the entire pre-screening process to Skil.

Here are items summarizing our Strategy which would help ITServe member companies:

1) Resume Pre-Screening - The cumbersome task of reviewing reams of verbose resumes and short-listing candidates can now be offloaded to Skil. Skil tackles this problem by using advanced analytics to review resumes and then conducting a direct candidate review session with a relevant professional from Skil's mentor pool comprising of blue chip professionals. An elaborate feedback will be provided to the HR teams thereby enabling them to make educated recruitment decisions.


2) Technical Support / Troubleshooting assistance - Skil can open its Mentor pools to ITServe HR teams to schedule technical support sessions and troubleshooting assistance. These sessions can be pertaining to just about anything under the gamut of general technical support – solving niggling day-to-day issues with coding or system setup, elucidating complex requirements, breaking down large issues into a group of solvable bit-sized problems etc.


3) OPT Buddy for Guidance – Understanding how difficult it is for companies to induct fresh graduate students into their work force, we at Skil designed a special program known as “OPT Buddy” which is aimed at imparting professional training and on-going support to fresh graduate students in the areas of their interest. Skil can help by assigning a dedicated professional who will provide continued assistance to OPT candidates and assist them in securing a placement. All aspects of a traditional training program like training, real time assistance, resume and interview preparation are covered under this program. 


Pricing Model: Here is our highly competitive monthly subscription model that we are offering ONLY limited time for ITServe member companies:














Monthly Price

Resume Prescreening

30 profiles each month


Technical Support

1 hr. assistance each day


OPT Buddy for Guidance

1 hr. assistance each day


*T&C Apply


If you want to go with our individual session model, we charge $15 per each resume screening and 50 cents per min for both technical / and OPT Buddy Guidance.


Technology offerings: While we are constantly adding more resources to our Skil pool, we are currently geared up to offer our services in the following areas: 














iOS/Android Dev.

Testing Tools


and more….

resume screening

30 Profiles

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technical support

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OPT Buddy