How will Skil revolutionize B2B in 2018?

Skil Inc.

Skil, is aimed at solving some of the recruiting challenges commonly experienced by companies, big and small. At the outset, Skil is an on-demand mobile platform that allows users to instantly connect and schedule mentoring sessions with seasoned professionals. Each session is tailor-made as per the candidate's requirements and can be anything from a career guidance session to a rigorous mock interview. In 2018, we intend to venture in B2B space by assisting companies and corporations with the initial pre-screening process and corporate mentoring programs. We recently flagged off our B2C offering and as charted in the company vision document, we intend to make a big push into B2B space by offering our platform as next-gen alternative to the traditional recruiting channels. Companies and HR divisions can steer away from the hassles of pre-screening candidates by offloading the entire pre-screening process to Skil.

Couple of high level items summarizing our B2B Strategy which would revolutionize in 2018: 1) Corporate Mentoring Programs - Skil will be opening up its Mentor pools to HR teams in order to schedule mentoring sessions. These sessions can be pertaining to just about anything under the gamut of corporate training - from management/leadership training to specific core techno-functional skill development. 2) Resume Pre-Screening - The cumbersome task of reviewing reams of verbose resumes and short-listing candidates can now be offloaded to Skil. Skil tackles this problem by using advance analytics to review the resumes and then conducting a direct candidate review session with a relevant professional from Skil's Mentor pool. An elaborate feedback will be provided to the HR teams thereby enabling them to make educated recruitment decisions.

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