Now-a-days most of the company’s business related communication happens through exchanging several e-mails on a day-to-day basis. E-mail writing has become one of the very important module in selecting a right candidate.


Let us discuss on the tips to be followed to write an e-mail

  • Please make sure that you read the given scenario and comprehend what is actually being asked.

  • Read the keywords or phrases given as part of the question. Please understand that all these keywords must be mentioned in the content of the e-mail.

  • Pay attention to the minimum and maximum number of words that your mail should contain. Do not write more/less than what is being mentioned.

  • Pay attention to the names of the person(s) to whom the mail should be addressed.

  • Make sure that your content, sentence structure, etc., are aligned with the grammatical rules of Standard English.

  • Please make a note of the time limit for the mail completion.

Tips to write an effective business email:

Writing a business e-mail is an art. It is the best way to create a positive impression about you. However, if a business mail is not composed appropriately it may land one in trouble. So, Skilapp is here to push you ahead with 5 tips to write an effective business e-mail:

Tip 1: Appropriate “FROM” address

Proper care should be taken while writing the FROM address in the email. Let the from address be your name, as it creates a sense of relatedness between the sender and the receiver. Company names and address should be avoided in writing it. A recent survey says, 43% of the mail are marked as spam as the ‘FROM’ address contains company’s name or address.

Tip 2: Accurate “TO” address

It is very much important to see that your mail is reaching the right person in the right way. TO field is the place where you enter the email id of the person to whom you wish to send the email. The person whose mail id is mentioned in the TO field is expected to respond to the mail. In the TO field there are 2 more sub-fields.

1. CC field: It is an abbreviation for Carbon Copy. When you include a person in the CC, it only means that the person who received the mail is informed of the on-going events taking place at his workplace. Unlike the person who is in the TO address, the person in the CC field need not respond to the mail.

2. BCC field:

It is an abbreviation for Blind Carbon Copy. If you want the receiver should not know about the other persons with whom a particular mail is shared, then you can make use of BCC. This can be used to share the same mail with hundreds of people without knowing to each other who all received it.

Tip 3: Crisp & Clear Subject Line

A well-structured subject line will always catch the eye of the reader. In order to make your email effective, let your subject line be crisp and clear. Subject line should give the reader an idea of what actually does that email say. Generally, it is suggested to create a subject line with not more than 8-10 words.

Tip 4: Include appropriate SALUTATIONS and GREETINGS

How do you get connected to the other person through your mail? How do you establish a bond or sense of belonging with the recipient of your mail?

Yes! It is created using the appropriate salutations. Address the person with his first name, people love to be called by their first names. After salutations make sure you greet the other person politely. However, please be careful in being too expressive or informal as it might create a different impression.

Tip 5: Precise BODY

A well-structured and to the topic message will make the body of the email look elegant. It is advised to start the body of the email look elegant. It is advised to start the body of the email with an opening line which explains the purpose of the email.

One of the disadvantages of the email is we cannot see the non-verbal communication of the person. Hence, there are subtle chances of the message being misunderstood. Experts advise is to make sure you select appropriate words, punctuation marks, grammatically structured sentences and a polite tone when writing the email body.

" An email should look very simple and should be easy to read. Do not bombard with complex sentences and technical terms. "

The message in the body should be divided into 3-4 paragraphs with each having 25 to 30 words. This creates an interest in the receiver to read your email completely. Please conclude the email with appropriate call for action and suitable greetings.

What happens if you close it abruptly?

There is always a chance that the receiver misinterpreting the tone of the message and might not feel comfortable to respond. Ensure the recipient of the mail to reach you hassle free.

Let us now go through some of the DO’s and Don’ts while writing an email.


  1. Enter correct email address of the person to whom you want to send the email.

  2. Keep the subject line short and simple.

  3. Use appropriate salutations and greetings throughout the email.

  4. Highlight the important parts of the message by using bold or capital words in the sentence.

  5. Show some difference between heading, sub-heading and information. " All the details in the email have to be checked twice before clicking SEND. Do not be in a hurry to send an e-mail. "


  1. Do not leave the subject line empty

  2. Do not include too much of information in the email body. It prevents readers from reading the entire email.

  3. Do not over present the email.

  4. Do not be informal in addressing the person and not casual in addressing the issue. Want more suggestions? Sign up on

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