If you dress in a professional attire, then your look demonstrates respect and also shows the interviewer that you take the interview seriously. In fact, according to a survey, it was found that 93 percent of executives believe that an employee’s attire at work influences his/her chances for getting selected in the interviews and also promotions after they get the job. So, now you would be thinking of how to dress for an interview?

Skil will answer that question individually for males and females, but before we get into that, Let us discuss the color coordination which is general to both.

Do you know that Orange is the worst color to be worn in an interview and all the executives feel it unacceptable, followed by red and pink? So it’s better to stick with safe colors like navy blue, black , grey and white and make sure that if you are wearing white, maintain the color till the end and also make a check if there are any stains and dirty marks because that is also one of the major reasons that turn off the executive.

Proper dressing for Interview

Dressing Etiquette for Males:


● A formal shirt and a formal trouser is the recommended dress. Formal half-sleeves is not considered at all.

● Wear a neatly ironed dress.

● Casual shirts, T-shirts, and jeans are not at all acceptable.

● If you are really comfortable, you can sport a blazer as it might give a perfectly professional look.


● Formal shoes with lace are highly preferred.

● Formal slip-on shoes are also preferable, as they become more prevalent these days.

● Sports shoes, sandals, and loafers are not acceptable.

● The color of your socks should match your trouser color.


● Wear a watch when attending an interview.

● Carry a pen in your pocket.

● Have a good leather belt as it gives a professional look. It should not look flashy or trendy. The belt color should match your shoe color.

● Armbands and wristbands are not allowed.

● Do not wear any bracelets, studs, and rings on all fingers.


● Comb your hair properly. Long hair or any casual hairstyles are not allowed. ● It is highly recommended to have a clean shave of your beard. In case, clean shave does not suit your appearance, then it is suggested to have a well-trimmed beard. ● Trim your mustache properly according to your facial appearance.

Dressing Etiquette for Females:


● It is recommended to wear a saree if you are really comfortable. ● Chudidhars and mix ’n’ match are also allowed. ● Business formals for ladies will make one look confident and beautiful. ● Ladies are advised to go with a cotton fabric or polyester kind of material. ● Shiny or glossy fabric materials do not look professional and hence avoid wearing them.


● It is highly recommended to avoid high heels of any type. ● It is suggested to go for flats or medium heels or medium wedges. ● Make sure your sole does not make a sound while walking.


● Please wear a watch when you attend an interview. ● A single bangle is allowed. ● Anklets are not allowed. ● Single chain and the single ring go with the formal appearance.


● One can go with or without makeup. If at all you are planning for a makeup, please see that it does not make you look too artificial. ● Dark colored lipsticks are strictly not allowed. ● Do not apply oil to your hair on the day of the interview. ● No dark nail paints or nail art. ● Make sure that nails are trimmed properly. ● Do not carry flowers on your hair.

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