Tips For a Successful Interview

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This process is often seen the scariest, but you can use your nervous energy to help you perform on that day.There are 3 stages in achieving success at the interviews.The 3 stages involved in the interview process are:

  1. Pre-Interview Stage.

  2. Interview Stage.

  3. Post- Interview Stage.

Pre-Interview Stage:

  • Prepare answers to common interview questions and expected competency questions.

  • Practice aloud, because you have to get used to hearing yourself express these ideas and answers, otherwise you may surprise yourself or stumble.

  • Research background information about the company, the advertised role. Think of three questions to ask during the interview.

  • Prepare the necessary documents 2 days prior to the actual interview.

  • Arrange all the important and necessary documents in a file, to avoid last minute tension.

Interview Stage:

Have a travel route and mode of transport planned. • Have an outfit planned. • Have a decent breakfast so you’re energized and not embarrassed by

rumble tummy syndrome.

Focus on body language:

Remember, the interview starts the minute you step through the door so be courteous to everyone you meet on the premises. Body language counts more than what you say!

So pay attention to the following:

  1. Smile! This immediately warms the atmosphere and the positive endorphins that smiling releases will calm you too.

  2. Have eye contact with your interviewer(s).

  3. This makes a connection, shows you are confident and engaged with the interviewer.

  4. Nod your head from time to time to show you understand or agree with points your interviewer is making.

  5. Smiling, eye contact and head nodding is the most influential body language, according to research from Goldsmiths University. But don’t slouch and have a firm handshake when the interviewer offers their hand.

Steps to be followed inside interview room:

  1. Take a deep breathe to gain confidence before entering the room.Knock the door thrice and gently open it and ask for the permission to enter into the room.

  2. When you see a positive nod from the HR, proceed with confidence towards the chair meant for you to sit.Stand beside the chair and wish him with a smile.

  3. Wish him according to the time of the day(In case of panel interview, wish the lady first and then the rest).If at all, the HR extends his/her hand for a handshake, please do it elegantly.

  4. Put the file which is brought along with you, on your laps.

  5. Do not put it on the table.Hand over the resume with both the hands, because we are submitting our resume and we do not give our resume.After you submit your resume, the HR starts asking questions related to the information provided in the resume.

  6. Comprehend the question properly and answer aptly to the question.During the final stage of the interview, the HR might give you an opportunity to ask question. Don’t ruin this chance by asking irrelevant questions.Ask questions related to your career opportunities in that company, work culture etc.

Post-Interview Stage:

This is the highly ignored step by 99.99% of the students. This is the stage where you might have a chance to come under the looks of company representatives. In this stage skilapp recommends you to write an e-mail or a letter to the company representative conveying gratitude.

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