What is Career Guidance/Counselling

Career Counselling

The world of work is changing rapidly and we find many new jobs that didn’t exist a decade ago. The age old idea of sticking to a particular job for all your career life has been left to soot.

When we talk about career guidance many of us go back to our school days when we were asked, what we would become when grown up? There would be different answers and we are told that we should do this job one day.

But we live in a far broader world, and with the various options it provides us with, it is definitely not possible to stick to a particular job we have dreamed during our initial days of School or College.

Career Guidance does not confine to providing a suitable job option based on your education. It involves much more than that, where the mentors or the counsellors try to read a person’s abilities and interests. They provide help to deal with the person’s drawbacks too and empower them in their areas of interest. Once a person realises where he/she is headed, they mostly become motivated to achieve their goals.

In addition to getting advice with things related to starting your career, or securing your job, you can also get help to deal with the matters that occur later such as advancing in your career or dealing with work place issues etc.

The focus of counselling is generally on issues such as career exploration, career change, personal career development and other related issues. It can be offered in various settings, including in groups and individually, in person or by means of digital communication where in the Professional career counsellors can support and advise people in all their career related issues and challenges.

Awareness about Career guidance is very low among younger Generation. If you are a high school/college student, you should start planning your future and bring a clear sight of your goal which you can do by approaching a Career Guidance professional. You will be helped to explore the various options available for you and gain the confidence on selecting the best that suits you.

Professional career guidance and counselling can help individuals realise their aspirations by providing them with a better understanding of their career chances and learning needs. A well-coordinated guidance and counselling system generates integrity of education, training and employability support, and most importantly, clarifies available options for a person’s self-actualisation and attainment.

Career Success Steps

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